What is

Soul Answer Healing?

Soul Answer Healing

goes straight to the very heart of your challenges—whether they be rooted in your emotional, mental, spiritual or physical well-being!

You see, your own Soul (your Higher Self, Great Mind, Source) holds the actual essence of your Pure Health on every level!

"I hook people to their Soul to heal their pain or confusion!"  Siri-Gian Kaur


The problem is that over this lifetime and others, we develop tons of habitual blockages to the pure expression of our extraordinary Soul in our lives. 


It is these blockages that Soul Answer Healing helps you resolve so that you may literally regain access to your Pure Health to radiate the Light of your very Soul.  And you create a conscious relationship with your own Soul, which is your most cozy, loving, and reliably wise True Self! 


Soul Answer Healing does not require any belief system—only the experience of what is already present within you. 


You are held in love and safety as you and/or your practitioner listen to the directions from your Soul for the very interactive course of your healing session.  You will be taught that most rewarding ability.  And you will not face more than you can handle.


This way, you experientially discover the Truth of your own life adventure—even though it may have been quite hidden, so that you can let go of those long-held patterns of recurring pain and confusion.  You actively participate in the healing energy, which is actually quite simple.  And you find out why you, as Soul have embedded these challenges to be solved in your own special karmic unfolding. Each session opens you to the greater treasure of YOU!


After a Soul Answer Healing session, not only are folks relieved of the habitual pains or worries that have stalked them for years, they also discover their unique way through monumental challenges. And their faces are actually shining!  When I show them to a mirror, they are surprised to report that they look years younger and much brighter—a spiritual face lift!

There is no other form of healing like this anywhere because it was given directly to Siri-Gian Khalsa by Soul, and by Jesus. And in addition to Soul, your session will be guided by any saints, angels, guides, or others that you bring with you, yet it will be most cozy and down-to-earth.  


Now we have more wonderful healers who have become certified by completing their 3 year training course as Soul Answer Healers!

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Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa

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